Grandma's Pickled Onions.

Peel desired amount of onions

 * Tip - With care, scald onions in boiling water for 10 to 20 seconds for ease of peeling.

Soak peeled onions overnight in a brine made from 500 gms salt to 4 litres of water.

Drain and pack into jars and cover with spiced vinegar.

To make spiced vinegar heat vinegar with pickling spice in a bag until it boils – then cool.

Add 2 teaspoons of sugar to each large jar.

Leave 3 months to pickle.

The best result is achieved using spiced vinegar as above but if feeling lazy or short of time pickling spice can be added straight into jars with plain vinegar.

Any left-over spiced vinegar can be bottled for use later in dressings, with beetroot or whatever else needs a little extra “kick”.


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