Garlic Varieties we grow.

Ajo Rojo

very strong intensity with a sweet flavour" Our preferred Garlic for roasting. Nice even cloves with red skin.

Sold out for 2021 season.


“sweet but with a mellow flavour" An excellent general purpose Garlic. Large cloves.

Sold out for 2020 season.


“a really nice flavour with a softer burn leading to an aggressive strong flavour" An excellent Garlic for pesto & dressings.

Sold out for 2020 season.

All Grown by Catos' Garlic Pirongia. Our Garlic is biologically grown. Available from Farmers' Markets in Hamilton & Cambridge.
"" When eaten raw. ““ Source: - Taste tested at the Garlic Centre, East Sussex, England. Varieties available subject to growing conditions.

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